Ceramic Cookware for New Homeowners

Top 5 Ceramic Cookware for New Homeowners

The first question when choosing the right cookware set for you is whether to go with pieces with a nonstick finish. Although both sides have a lot to offer, nonstick will make your life easier by making cleaning quite convenient.

Ceramic pans and pots are not completely made using ceramic, and instead, the construction of the cookware is bonded with a coating of ceramic. The coating offers a cooking surface that is nonstick and so, you do not have to use cooking sprays that are unhealthy, oil or butter to get rid of the sticking situation.

Cookware coated with ceramic does not have PFOA and PTFE (Teflon) which are the two chemicals that are used to manufacture the traditional kind of nonstick cookware.

We will talk about the top 5 ceramic cookware you can buy if you are a new homeowner.

Factors for Buying Ceramic Cookware

When you are considering to buy a set of ceramic cookware, it can get overwhelming. There is a wide range of ceramic cookware to buy in the market, and it is difficult to choose the right one from so many.

So, let’s talk about the factors you should be looking out for when you want to consider a certain set of cookware finish.

  • Oven Friendly

Before grabbing a cookware set and rushing to the counter, check to make sure if the labels say that it is oven friendly. More often than not, people complain about their ceramic cookware being ruined when they used it with the oven. And to prolong the life of your ceramic cookware, keep the heat when cooking, on moderately high at maximum.

  • Budget Consideration

If you are on a low budget, you still get a wide variety of cookware available for you. But, make sure that the cookware fits all of your cooking needs because the range of prices depends on the quality and quantity of ceramic.

  • Quality of Cookware

A key to great cookware set with the ceramic finish is sturdy construction. The handle needs to have a strong connection with the pan or the pot. Additionally, in case of some of the more expensive sets out there, you can use metal utensils directly with the ceramic cookware.

  • Warranty

The warranty given for ceramic cookware is usually around one year, most of the time. However, the length of the warranty is not the factor to worry about. There are generally a lot of limiting clauses in the warranty that you have to consider before buying a set.

These are some of the important factors to consider when buying a ceramic set, but, you should also go through reviews of the products beforehand. Now, let’s get into the reviews of the top 5 ceramic cookware you can get in the market.

1. WearEver Fifteen-Piece Set

WearEver Fifteen-Piece Set

You can use this set regularly for months and still the food will not stick to the cookware. Additionally, the pans and pots are very easy to keep clean. Many people face problems with the set. However, that is mostly due to inadvertent carelessness.

Proper storing and using the right amount of heat will offer you the best results with these. Careful use of the set will last it for years to come. The pieces’ nonstick surface will hardly require you to need much oil for cooking.

The construction of the core is made of aluminum of heavy gauge, and along with the ceramic base, you get durability that is long-lasting. The interior of the pieces is amazingly scratch and spot proof to keep the beauty of the cookware.


  • Free of PTFE
  • Construction is durable
  • Handle is sturdy


  • Does not work over medium heat

2. GreenPan Lima Twelve-Piece Set

GreenPan Lima Twelve-Piece Set

If you have a versatile kitchen, this is the perfect set for you. This cookware set can handle the oven up to three hundred and fifty degrees, adding to its uniqueness. The make has improved heat distribution over the rest of the listed sets.

Whether you go on to cook meats, fish or veggies, you will end up with a result that is crispier and more tasteful. You can use hot water and gentle soap to easily clean up these pans.

One problem you will notice with the pieces is that their handles can heat up a little bit. However, that is not a great problem, if you cook on medium temperature. Also, you can get the individual pieces separately from the same brand and with the same quality.


  • Great heat conduction
  • Glass lid for monitoring ease
  • Healthy coating


  • Food sticks after a few months

3. GreenPan Rio Twelve-Piece Set

GreenPan Rio Twelve-Piece Set

If you are looking for health and design along with convenience to bring to the kitchen, the Rio cookware collection is a great choice. The nonstick coating of ceramic that is used for the products offer extreme durability as well as functionality. Above all, the cleaning process is an absolute breeze.

The colors in the Rio collection are something to look at, and with the pieces, cooking is made easier. You can use these at quite low temperatures, not to mention how even the cooking surface is.

Overall, the set offers great value except for the drawback that it is not safe for use in an oven. Despite that, the advantages of the cookware set overwhelms the disadvantages of it. So, it is a great collection to recommend to new homeowners.


  • Cook with a low amount of oil
  • The handle is relaxed for comfort
  • Works great with different types of cooking


  • Gets easily scratched

4. Cuisinart Elements Ten-Piece Set

Cuisinart Elements Ten-Piece Set

This elegant and simple cookware set can be perfect if you are just starting as a chef. The Cuisinart Elements set will make you fall in love with it because of how worry-free it makes cooking. And the best part is that metal utensils can be used with the pan and there will not be any scratches after you are done.

The cookware offers great temperature efficiency. If you decide on buying this set, remember to turn the temperature down from whatever you usually cook at. Keeping the temperature higher than needed will make the food stick to your cookware.

You are offered comfortability with the handles, and the individual pieces are amazingly light to hold. Its red color complements the stove, and you will naturally start to love the set.


  • Non-toxic cooking surface
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Great size range


  • Not safe for dishwasher

5. GreenLife Fourteen-Piece Set

GreenLife Fourteen-Piece Set

This GreenLife set is, in one word, sufficient. The pans in the set boast the Thermalon kind nonstick coating and offer a solid base. Above all, they are completely healthy to use and come with great thermal conductivity offering great cooking results.

You can try to cook omelets using these and find that the eggs will not be sticking at all to the cookware. The coating on them works so great that you do not even need much oil to avoid sticking. This is a great set and a complete pleasure to cook using.

The set is available in turquoise, red and black colors for you to choose. If you are into matching the design of your kitchen, you can choose the ones that match the stove or countertop.


  • Offers great durability
  • Comes at affordable price
  • Saves up energy


  • The small pot is rarely used


These are the top 5 ceramic cookware you can get when you are setting up your kitchen at your new home. It is difficult to go wrong with any of the sets mentioned here.