tips to add farmhouse style to your home

What Are Your Tips To Add Farmhouse Style To Your Home?

Who doesn’t want to get rid of the boring mechanical life full of commotion and chaos? We can pass our whole day working and doing necessary things in any kind of cumbersome environment. But at the end of the day, we all crave for a cozy and comfortable home that will absorb all our day to day annoyance and petulance.

A farmhouse-style home fits the definition of a comfortable home perfectly!

The warm combination of the grey, beige, taupe and white colors in the furniture and furnishings will soothe your eyes and calm your brain after a long tiring day. The vintage framework design of your home will take you back to a time when life was carefree and relaxed.

Here are my tricky tips for you to add this amazing farmhouse style to your home.

The first thing we judge while entering into any house, is the front porch. Always remember that the first impression is the best impression. So, don’t fail to mesmerize your guests with the vintage beauty of the farmhouse style added to your porch.

You can paint your porch floor and walls white or off white, as white is the symbol of purity. Adding a white rocking chair will make your porch more approachable to your guests. For decorations use flowers with vibrant colors in vintage containers and tubs. You can also use old and unused teapots or bottles for planting, as it will give them a more ancient and wear-off look.

The first thing one will notice after coming into your house is your living room décor. Wooden furniture with an old and rusty look is the best match for the farmhouse style. Farmhouse style is a symbol of love for the anticity of our American culture. So, adding a few antique pieces of furniture to your living room will quite make a move towards getting a perfect farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Copper Sink

One of the distinctive features of a farmhouse is the combined kitchen and living space design. The living room should be designed to have a large open space for gathering. The open-concept kitchen shall add grace to the elegance of your home. The kitchen décor will be incomplete without a farmhouse sink. No need to worry, as there are a lot of farmhouse sinks for the money available!

The open front apron of the farmhouse sink makes it old school and more of a vintage prominence. Moreover, the deep-drop design of the sink is immensely practical for doing everything from washing a huge lasagna pan to bathing a baby. It is quite surprising how purely the farmhouse sinks add a rustic and homely feeling to a kitchen!

Now let’s come to the most vital part of my tips, redecorating your bedroom in the farmhouse style. To follow this style, your beddings must have layers of sheets, duvet covers, and quilts. A bed sheet having a good number of thread-count is softer and more comfortable to sleep in. My personal favorite is cotton sheets but you can also go with linen, flannel or satin sheets.

Farmhouse Bedroom

Basically, the light colors such as whites, creams, greys and navy blues are all suitable options for farmhouse bedding. You can also use horizontally or vertically striped, polka-dotted sheets for giving a more versatile look.

Open shelves design is an inseparable part of a farmhouse. Repurposed showpieces, antique potteries and minimalistic art-pieces can be placed on the shelves in the open and show concept. Old pots with terracotta designs can add a lot to the aesthetics. A nice and antique chandelier hanging down from the ceiling will undoubtedly be an amazing décor. It will also bring a vibrant and royal feel to your home, being a gorgeous centerpiece.

You can also beautify your walls with black and white or charcoal paintings rather than keeping them bland and empty. Vintage photo frames or polished candelabras kept on the side tabletops will also be a nice example of your taste in aesthetics.

So, these are my smart tips for you to decorate your house in a more classical style. I hope these tips and advice will inspire you to create a farmhouse-inspired space that feels warm, welcoming, and comfortable equally.