Tile Saw Buying Guide

Tile Saw Buying Guide

Putting up tiles on your floors or walls can be a daunting task if you are not aware of the specifications or dimensions of the room. Sometimes tile cutting is necessary in order to fit the tiles properly.

A tile saw is an extremely efficient tool meant for cutting tiles in different shapes and sizes. This is an expensive tool that comes in a big size and has a blade coated with diamond. Due to this, the blade is capable of cutting some of the hardest materials.

Therefore, there is no better alternative to tile saw for tile cutting. Moreover, since this tool uses water to cool off the heated areas of the tile while cutting, the blade moves smoothly, and you get perfect results. But you must be wondering as to what factors you should consider before buying one of these tools.

Read further ahead, and you will have a good idea.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Tile Saw

There are several factors that come into play that determine how well a tile saw will come into your service. So, let’s have a look at those factors.

Cutting Capability

Different tile saws have blades with different dimensions. The deeper the depth of the blade, the better it cuts. And the smoother are the results you will obtain. For example, the RUBI DC-250 1200 has a blade with a depth of 3 and a half inches.

This is a good specification considering you can adjust the depth according to your likings. Moreover, the tile saw you choose should also have the diagonal cutting capacity. This feature enables you to cut tiles diagonally and at an angle.

Level of Accuracy and Flexibility

Check on the existing reviews of the tile saw you are about to purchase. Usually, a good product has a relatively positive market image. But flexibility is an important point to consider before buying a tile saw. This feature enables you to make a special type of cuts like L-cuts or U-cuts. You can even make holes with tiles saw that have versatility added to it.


Horsepower is the unit used to measure the power of the motor. As you know by now, a tile saw is not a manual instrument. Instead, it runs using a powerful motor. Without the driver of the motor, it is quite impossible to run the machine smoothly.

Therefore, checking the horsepower of the engine is as important as checking the cutting capabilities of a tile saw. Usually, a tile saw having a motor of 1.5 HP is good enough to do your job smoothly.

Size and Portability

A tile saw is a big instrument and quite heavy. Therefore, moving it around will be quite difficult if it is not equipped with necessary portability mechanisms. In case you have to work a lot with this machine, make sure to check out its portability features.

For example, check if the tile saw you are willing to purchase wheels attached to it. This adds easy maneuverability to the saw and enables you to move it around easily. You also won’t have to bear the burden of its weight.

Tile Saw Size and Portability

Another factor to consider is the machine’s size. Make sure to buy one that is not too big or not too small. Check its weight before buying it and purchase something that you think you can carry.

Moreover, check the sturdiness of the tool as well. Because if a tile saw isn’t sturdy, it will wobble and result in imperfect cuts. Some tile saws have both folding legs and wheels, which make them a great candidate in terms of both lightweight and maneuverability.

Type of Blade

At the end of the day, having a car without wheels is useless. Because the main job of a car is to help you move around. Similarly, having a tile saw with a blunt blade is absolutely futile and will render all of its other fancy features useless.

Blades can be of different types depending on the price and type of tile saw you are going to buy. But the best type of blade is the one that has a diamond coating over it.

This makes it suitable to cut the hardest of tiles. Moreover, you are not left with imperfect edges. Also, don’t forget to check the cooling system of the blade, as this also plays a crucial role in delivering perfect results.

Dust Prevention

The sawdust generated by these types of machines is very harmful to health and can be quite hazardous for you in the long run. It will cause you breathing problems and vision issues as well. And the silica dust generated from tile cutting is even more hazardous to your wellbeing.

A lot of tile saws have water spraying technology, which prevents this dust from spreading. So make sure to check for this feature. Usually, most tools have this feature mentioned in their packaging.

Additional Accessories

Some tile saws come with an addition of accessories that enhance its flexibility and versatility. For example, a lot of tile saws have laser lights that help you to mark the lines you are about to cut without having to use a marker.

Some also have LED lights with them that enable you to work in dim or low lights. Moreover, some tile saws have amazing portability and are equipped with wheels and legs.


To buy the best tile saw, it is suggested that you follow this article and check for these specifications. We know that a lot of you are new at this and might be confused. So it is best to move step by step and go through the features of the tile saw mentioned in the packaging.

Check if those match with the ones mentioned here and only then make your final decision. This will help you to enjoy the service of a good quality tile saw for a long time and result in greater satisfaction. Therefore, the next time you or one of your friends are confused, just refer back to this article.