How to Use a Tortilla Press

How to Use a Tortilla Press?

Ever thought of making tortilla of your own? You can do it very easily if you have a tortilla press in your home. Home-made tortillas turn out great, but sometimes people get baffled on how to use a tortilla press properly. To ace it, you need to learn the basic steps first.

You can make several food items with a tortilla. In Mexico, you can find a tortilla press inside most of the household kitchens. If you compare a store-bought tortilla and a home-made tortilla, then you will find that home-made ones have better smell and taste.

In our article, we have included a helping guide on how to use a tortilla press properly. So, if you want to make your tortilla in the kitchen, go through all the descriptions and instructions given below. Let’s get started!

What Is a Tortilla Press?

A tortilla press is a machine for making tortillas quickly and comfortably. Cast iron or aluminum is used while manufacturing a tortilla press, and it has two flat round surfaces that help to make the tortilla round shaped.

The method is very simple; you keep a dough ball inside and press down the other surface to flatten the dough.

What Is a Tortilla Press

There are also rolling pins available to shape dough into tortillas. But the method is kind of painstaking, and it becomes hard to make a perfect round tortilla sometimes. On the other hand, a tortilla press makes it quicker and easier. It also saves up your time and makes uniform tortilla.

Choose Your Ideal Tortilla Press

A tortilla press is available almost anywhere. You can check your nearby grocery store or check any online stores on the internet.

But before going to the market, try to look for customer reviews. claims that they have the top 10 best tortilla press reviews on their website. 

You can follow the website and read the reviews to get a perfect buying guide.

How to Use a Tortilla Press?

It is very easy to use a tortilla press. You just need to follow some rules to make a perfect shaped tortilla. Firstly, you need to make sure that your dough doesn’t stick with the press. To avoid this circumstance, you can place a wax paper or parchment paper to make a protective layer.

Once you are done with placing the protective layer, it’s time to place the dough at the center of the press.

Make sure you make the dough into a golf ball size. You should make an indentation in the middle of the dough so that when you press the surface, the dough can spread to its maximum area. This way, you get a perfect tortilla.

Now, place the top surface down and fold the lever over. Once the tortilla is pressed and made into a perfect shape, unfold one side of the protective layer to take out the tortilla. Then you can take it to cook as you wish.

Alternatives of a Tortilla Press

If you don’t have a tortilla press, no need to worry. You can still flatten a tortilla without a press. There are two methods.

Alternatives of a Tortilla Press

One of them is the method of two cutting boards. You just need to cover the round shape dough with a plastic wrap or poly and then place the dough on one piece of cutting board, and after that, press it with another one to flatten it.

The other method is to use a rolling pin or a larger glass. For using a rolling pin, you need to place the dough over a smooth cutting board. Put a plastic wrap over the board and put the dough. Now gently press the dough with your palm to make it a little flatter and use the pin roll to flatten it more until it gets thin.

Other Usages of A Tortilla Press

This tortilla press machine can be used for other purposes also. It is known that a tortilla press is used for flattening. So, this item is useful for making pita bread, pizza, dumplings, etc.

Which Tortilla Press Is the Best?

There are tortilla presses made of cast iron or wood. They can be electric also, which will make your tortilla while flattening it. The choice varies from person to person.

Somebody like the traditional cast iron tortilla press, and some go for electrical one.

If you want to know which products are good, then take a look at the customer’s rating and product reviews on the internet. 4-5 star rated products are quite popular in the market.


In our article, we included some important factors regarding tortilla press and, most importantly, described how to use it. I hope it will be beneficial for you. Enjoy your cooking venture by making perfect tortillas for you and your family. Best of luck!