How to Update Your Kitchen Without Remodeling

How to Update Your Kitchen Without Remodeling?

After searching and searching for hours how you are going to make your kitchen like those pictures pinned in your Pinterest board, you landed on this website. It means that your kitchen is one of the favorite places and you want to design it up to mark.

But the thing is you don’t have the budget to do so. Do you know that you can easily have those sophisticated-neat kitchens just applying some tricks?

It will be within your budget and affordable.

Remember renovating your kitchen does not mean that you have to rip out cabinets, replacing the cookware with an expensive one. It is quite different. It depends on your perception and ability to make it beautiful and accessible within your budget. So, let’s try these tricks out.

Steps to Get Your Dream Kitchen

Start With Small Changes

Longing for pretty backdrop or stunning tile?

If you’re not prepared to completely remodel your kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t begin. Start with taking small change, for example, an open wall or the sink backsplash, to begin with, at that point include more as your financial plan permits. You’ll get a major visual result from a little payout.

Cabinets Painting

Painting the walls of any room will give a new makeover to the rooms. As you know getting new cabinets is very costly, you can paint the cabinets will save you from that. It will add a look to your kitchen.


Changing the lighting of the kitchen or any room sometimes changes the whole look of the room. Swapping the bulky-old light to new decorative lights will give a fresh look. Nowadays bright colors are quite trendy.

You can use different red, yellow, teal, white, etc. color lights. They are trendy and fun to light up your kitchen.


It is an easy job as you can do it by yourself. Whatever you are thinking that you have to bring a plumber to the whole thing. It does not need any plumbing adjustments. You know stainless steel is the most popular. Moen Motionsense touchless faucet is a noteworthy one you are looking for any suggestion.


You can change the knobs of the kitchen cabinets. There are various types of knobs you can find in the store. They are pretty cheap. You can easily buy them and add a nice look to your kitchen.


While remodeling the kitchen changing the countertops is required into an upscale one. You can simply buy those, but they are expensive to buy mostly. While going to buy the countertops if you look at the local store which gives a discount, you can buy them at a cheap rate.

In many home improvement stores or granite shop, you will find granite countertops at a discount rate. Or, instead of granite countertops, you can buy resin. Using resin on the existing concrete or laminate countertops will be cheaper and easier.

You can also replace your countertops with wooden butchers’ block. It is much cheaper and will age gracefully. You can also match the look by wooden wine and dish rack.

The proper countertops for your kitchen rely upon your current cabinetry, spending plan, style so you can save by keeping your mind open to various materials, adjusting them up by yourself and price.

And also, you may likewise save extra money in case you’re willing to replace your old countertops by yourself if you oppose paying an installer to do the work.


Changing the hardware is one of the easy ways to update your kitchen. It will add up a huge difference to the decorations though it is a small change.

With this small investment, you can change them within a day. You can also pair up with painting the cupboards for a simple change or big change. You can leave out the cabinets if you don’t want them to change.

Sitting Arrangement

Sitting arrangement is another way of making your kitchen look more inviting. Kitchen with bar stool area is a nice way to update your kitchen. If you already have this arrangement, you can always replace them with fresh pieces.

You can go for stools without the back part. You can find various styles of stools in the market. You can always buy depending on your taste, space, and size.


You can play with the arrangement of the appliances. Moving the appliances in the kitchen here and there and set them according to your decorations will bring a new look to your kitchen. If you think that your fridge is too bright colored, you can always dye it to something soft or different color.

By sticking, stickers and magnetic stickers on the fridge will change it looks. You can opt for a red mixer or cobalt toaster depending on your taste. Appliances are like jewelry of kitchen. If you can put them in the right place, your kitchen will eventually be updated.


It is pretty comfortable and nice to look at if you have a flush rug under your feet. Spreading a rug in front of your sink. Or, you can easily hide the ugly flooring with the rug. You can even carpet the whole kitchen. It will make your kitchen look nice and cute unless you spill anything on them.

Big Changes

If you think you don’t want to change a small thing but more, you can take go with these tricks.


Experimenting with wood will add a woody texture to your kitchen. If you are a fan of wooden texture, then replacing the cabinets, countertop with wooden one will make it sophisticated. Wood materials with a great deal of texture and character are best for the recolored, increasingly natural look.

Birch, oak walnut, cherry, and Brazilian cherry are additionally great choices. Recolored wood cupboards have extraordinary examples and wood grains, so every kitchen will look somewhat changed, regardless of whether the cupboard textures are the equivalent.


The most effective method to improve your kitchen without renovating. Your kitchen backsplash has old tiles, or it has no tiles. You might think of adding a backsplash to your kitchen or replacing it.

You can simply complete with some kind of marble or a straightforward white tram tile or tumbled stone or a glass backsplash. A significant number of these tiles are mosaics that are on coincided sheets, so they are somewhat simple to introduce.

Other Items

Apart from all these, you can update your kitchen by dangling trinkets here and there in your kitchen. You can even color your kitchen. Dangling pot of plants by the window of your kitchen may add a natural look. Beside the sink, you can plant small tomato or rosemary plants.

It will be easier for you whenever you are doing to cook anything you may use them without going out. Wanting to change the kitchen to something is a certain something, yet paying for another one is an extraordinary creature.

You may overdo it to get your fantasy kitchen; there are a lot of basic updates you can make instead of an undeniable renovating work. Spending thousands of dollars or more for a remodeled kitchen could mean working more than you arranged, taking fewer excursions, or having littler savings for retirement.


I hope these tricks will help you to update your kitchen without fully remodeling it.  Everybody’s kitchen is different from others, and so do their budget. By maintaining a few tricks won’t make a big difference going beyond your ability.

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