How to Sharpen Electric Fillet Knife Blades

How to Sharpen Electric Fillet Knife Blades?

Electric fillet knife holds great importance in the kitchen household due to its multiple benefits. Cutting, slicing, and chopping are very easy and convenient with an electric fillet knife. The different aspects of vegetable cutting techniques can be explored with electric fillet knives easily.

Considering how important an electric knife is, proper maintenance needs to be ensured for it. Sharpening on a regular basis is the ultimate key to a long-lasting electric knife.

Although a common myth says that electric knives can’t be sharpened, the truth is actually the opposite. It might be a tough task, but sharpening an electric fillet knife in the correct way can simplify the job easily.

What Is an Electric Fillet Knife?

An electric fillet knife is basically a well-defined cutlery tool that utilizes mechanical pressure to slice and fillet meat and fish. You can obtain fine fillets using this knife at home.

It is so convenient that the desired slices can be ready at just one go. Slices are more precise, with the least amount of pressure applied to the knife.

What Is Electric Fillet Knife

An electric fillet knife comes in two different forms- either with a rechargeable battery or with a plug system. There are two serrated blades joined together in the knife. Besides, an electric motor is present to aid in the vibration and overall action.

A unique knife like this is definitely very important in household kitchens, where you require tools that make cooking large meals easier. Starting from preparing different meat and fish dishes to vegetable shopping, an electric knife covers it all.

Why Is It Important to Sharpen an Electric Knife?

Sharpening an electric knife actually plays an important role in the total functioning ability of the knife. Due to a serrated edge, an electric knife tends to stay sharp for a much longer time.

But with time, the blade may alter from its former condition. To maintain the patency of the blade and stick to the original condition, sharpening the knife after a specified time can be helpful. With proper sharpening, the electric knife stays active for a long time with no difficulties.

Choosing the Best Sharpener

Picking the best sharpener is a big deal if you want something that matches up to the knife you’re using. So, it’s important to keep some necessary information on hand while you’re shopping for a suitable knife sharpener.

You can sharpen your electric knife using both a manual sharpener and an electric one. Although the choice depends basically on your preference, an electric knife sharpener would be the best recommendation. The reason is that an electric sharpener works faster and better than a manual one undoubtedly.

A sharpener should be abrasive when it comes to an electric knife. Abrasive sharpeners perform faster and better. So, a sharpener for an electric fillet knife should be equipped with grit stones. Grit works best if you’re looking for something abrasive.

Choosing the Best Sharpener

Other features important in a sharpener are the blade angles, sharpening stage, and the material it can handle. You should always opt for a sharpener that contains different angle modes for precise operation.

When it comes to sharpening stages, the choice should be a sharpener that consists of dual options. The options include a fine abrasiveness and a harsh one. Having dual options ensure that you can work your way with both sharp and dull knives.

In terms of handling material, a perfect sharpener has the ability to handle carbon, stainless steel, and alloy. With all these features, you can easily make your pick on the ideal sharpener for your electric knife.

Ways to Sharpen an Electrical Knife

If you’re aware of the necessary directions, you can sharpen your electric knife in no time easily. The steps for sharpening your electric knife are-

  • The first step is preparing before the actual process begins. Make sure your hands are dry when you’re sharpening.
  • Separate the blades prior to sharpening for precise takes. This step ensures the fact that the blades are sharpened one at a time.
  • As most good quality electric knives are serrated, each serrated part should be sharpened. Put the metal rod of the sharpener along the same serration throughout the process.
  • Next, identify the carbide that matches the respective blade. Place the flat side of each blade against the carbide that matches. Clutch on to the knife steadily by its flat base and keep the knife tip on your opposite side.
  • Once the blade is set, try to give the least amount of pressure to pull through the inner surface of the steels. In this way, both blades get sharpened together.
  • For the actual sharpening, you can slowly move the knife blade from top to bottom by putting the metal rod of the sharpener along the same serration.
  • The same process should be repeated consistently until you cover the tip of the blade. Later, move along the other side and sharpen in the same way.
  • An important step in sharpening is maintaining safety measures. Safety measures include switching off the knife before sharpening and not to touch any moving part when it’s switched on.
  • Another important measure is to prevent immersing the knife into water or operating it with a wet hand.

The entire process is automatic when you’re dealing with an electric sharpener. But in case of a manual sharpener, the process entirely depends on you.


Summing it up, it is evident that sharpening an electric knife is no big deal if you’ve got all the instructions you need. Using the right steps and maintaining necessary measures is, therefore, the ultimate guide to sharpen an electrical knife.