How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade

How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade?

How long would it take you to use a ladder and climb up all the trees in your backyard to get rid of all those dead branches and the undergrowth?

But fortunately, a pole saw is here to make the job easier and faster for us. The perks of a pole saw are well known to all gardeners everywhere however the efficiency of the pole saw lays in the sharpness of its blade.

Sharpening is important to keep the blade of the pole saw usable and this article tells you all about it.

Tools Needed

Before even deciding which tool to use or how to go about sharpening your pole saw blade, the first step should be to clean it thoroughly.

For that, you can use a brush or a damp cloth but make sure to dry off the water using a blower in order to avoid rusting. Often oil is accumulated on the blade and for that, you have to use a degreaser.

After you have cleaned your blade, now is the time to choose the correct tool amongst the many that there is. Some of the frequently used ones are as follows

  • File
  • Sharpening rod
  • Grinder
  • Table Vice

How to Use the Tools?

How to Use the Tools

There are mainly three methods that are regularly used while cleaning a pole saw blade and they are explained below.

Using a File

It is the easiest way to sharpen a pole saw blade. To make sure the blade doesn’t move you clamp it to the table vice.

Then put the file, usually made from diamond or ceramic, on the teeth of the blade making a 45-degree angle and simply push it along. Repeat the same procedure for the other side.

Using a Sharpening Rod

To do this first you must secure the blade on the table vice and put the sharpening rod between two teeth. Try to push the rod forward 5/6 times in one go and you will see metal bits flying around sharpening the blade.

Using a Grinder

A grinder is a machine that usually professionals use to sharpen their blades. You simply remove the blade from the pole saw, secure it in a table vice and the device to its magic. With the finest result, you just put the blade back on the pole saw and it’s good to go.

Additional Tips for You

  • Always remember to lubricate the blade with oil after you are done sharpening. This helps prevents the blade from corrosion.
  • Wear proper clothing and gears.
  • While using a file or a sharpening rod make sure you have the correct size.
  • Cover the blade after you are done to keep the dirt away.
  • Be patient to avoid any accidents.


Now that you know all that there is you need to know about sharpening your pole saw blade, let’s start pruning and trimming those trees, with the sharpest pole saw we ever had, to make our gardens look like paradise.