How To Play Foosball

How To Play Foosball?

Nowadays you can spot a Foosball table anywhere– even most of the apartment complex has one at their gaming center like mine!

Friends enjoy playing foosball in their free time. If you have seen that and wanted to participate as well, then you are in the place.

We are presenting you with some amazing tips that will help you with your beginner’s luck. Who knows, you may be a fan of foosball! And also, the popularity of this game is growing every day, so it is good to know how to play. For your information foosball is inspired by soccer and football.

Here is some quick information to empower you so that you can know how to play a foosball match with your friends or cousins.

Basic Tips To Follow

According to, the Foosball table has a total of 8 rods that you have to pull, push and turn. You’ll have to do all that so that the foosball men are able to send the ball into the goal box of the opponent.

This is just like the basic activity of the game. You can spend your time exploring whatever you want to make your time an enjoyable one.

As we mentioned earlier, foosball is much like soccer. The main object of this game is to score as much as balls in the opponents goal. This game can be played with 2 players or up to teams of 2 on both sides of the table.

When any tournament or bar foosball is organized, then it is played with a total of 9 balls and whoever can score 5 goals, he wins.

If you are a newbie in this game and still learning the rules, then we will suggest you play the game with 10 goals because you will find numerous loose goals and “spray” goals that will not be thrown intentionally.

If this happens 2-3 times in a game, then you will notice why a quick game of 5 rounds will make it difficult to enjoy a competitive game as a beginner.

Basic Game Rules

Here are the basic game rules to follow;

The Foosball Table

The Foosball Table

Before you start playing the game, make sure that you have all the 9 balls that you need to play. A top-notch table is a must to master foosball. Tornado tables are most popular among the player of American-styled foosball.

Also, you may want to have some replacement balls because it is easy to lose some of the balls.

Beginning The Game

Generally, people start the game with a coin toss and the winning side will serve first. You will get 10 seconds to shoot the ball.

Playing The Game

The balls need to serve through any hole. Whoever can score more than 5 goals, wins the game. After scoring, the other team goes to serve. If the ball leaves the table, then declare it as “dead ball”, then pick and the last scoring team will serve the ball.

Spinning is not allowed in foosball. It means you are not allowed to give a 360 degree spin of the rod. Also, you cannot move the table or bump it while gaming, because it is cheating.


To score a goal, the ball must be touched by a man before you are going to score. Every time the ball goes in the hole, it will be counted as a legal point.

Wrapping Up

Remember these rules are not official rules of tournaments, but these are the basics to know when you want to play it with your friends. But the most important rule of foosball is not to forget having fun!