How To Clean A Window Fan

How To Clean A Window Fan?

Hello guys, today I’m going to tell you how to clean window fans with ease. Regular cleaning of fans can extend their lifetime and potency.

And when you want to clean a window fan, you may feel some challenge to do the task because window fans save up grease and dust very quickly.

I use window fans regularly, so, I know how it feels when you see your window fans dirty. It’s disgusting!

I recommend you to give it a quick clean in a week and a deep clean at least one time in a month.

Okay, keep reading on.

Materials You Will Need

You will need some things before starting your cleaning work. These are –

  • Screwdriver (if needed)

  • Soft cloth (microfiber cloth recommended)

  • Compressed air can

  • Vacuum hose

  • Brush

Step 1: Make Sure Your Fan Is Unplug From Power Source

Don’t forget to unplug your window fan from the electric power point before cleaning. It’s can cause an accident or damage to the fan.

After unplugging, waiting to stop the rotating of the blade and place the fan on a flat surface.

Step 2: Remove The Fan Grill

Some window fans grill is secured with screws. You can use a screwdriver to unscrew it.

On the other hand, the grill is set by a release button. In these cases, simply press the button to remove the fan grill.

Step 3: Set The Brush To The Vacuum Hose

First, attach the brush at the end of the vacuum hose. Any type of vacuum can do the job, but a handheld vacuum is more comfortable for you when you will clean specifically a window fan’s grill and blades.

Step 4: Get Started To Clean The Grill

Generally, within one week, a lot of dust would have placed on the grill. So, you should spend more time to clean the grill very well.

Slide the brush attached vacuum hose on the surface of the grill to clean up any chronic dust. Repeat this work, until all the dust you can pick up finally.

Step 5: Clean The Blades Of The Fan

Here you can use a can of compressed air. You can get it from any type of hardware store.

Aim the straw of the can towards the blades and keep spray the compressed air to clean the dust from the blades. The flow speed of the air will easily clean the dust over the surface of the blades.

Step 6: Use A Cloth For Final Cleaning

At last, give a final cleaning touch by a microfiber cloth to the blades. Clean the blades with a microfiber cloth dipped with some soapy water. It will help you to get a fresh clean look which you wanted.

After cleaning, give it some time to dry out before using the fan. Don’t plug the fan until the blades completely dry out.

Step 7: Plug The Window Fan In Its Place

Set the fan’s grill in place, screwed it and plug it to the power source.

That’s all! You need the highest half an hour to do this job. It’s so simple than you think!

Final Words

So, if you want to clean a window fan with comfort, here is the guideline for you. I hope this tiny article will helpful for you all.

Thanks for reading!