How to Choose Brake Line Flaring

How to Choose Brake Line Flaring?

With all the choices and differences in brake line flaring today, choosing the correct one can seem a little bit daunting.

There are many types of brake line flaring tools found on the market. They all generally do the same job, but each one has a special cause to use it.

In this article, we try to help you to choose your desire brake line flaring.

Stay with us till the end!

Types of Flares

Double flare and single flare are two common types of flares used on automotive brake systems throughout the world. But each of these two flares has different use methods and systems.

Facts to Consider to Choose Brake Line Flaring

Each brake line flare has its own pros and cons. So you’ll need to consider the specific feature or vehicle system before making your decision.

When you want to choose a brake flare for your car, you must look at the types of the brake of your vehicles.

Is its brake system allow high-pressure lines or low? Is your brake system needs special featured flared tools? Or not?

Find the answers and choose your own brake line flaring. It’s Simple!

Measure the Pressure of Brake Lines

At first, you should consider the category of the pressure of your car. Remember that, Single flares are never allowed on high-pressure brake lines.

It’s a hard job to make a good seal with a single flare on steel brake lines. As a result, there is a risk of a leak in lines. Single flares are generally enough for copper tubing.

Measure the Pressure of Brake Lines

So, if your car used high-pressure brake lines, you must avoid single flare tools. Single flare is only appropriate for low-pressure lines, don’t forget it.

Here, we refer to double flare for your high-pressure lines. You’ll typically find this on almost all American and Asian automobiles. Because it is best for use in high pressured brake lines


When you want to select a brake line flare for your vehicle, you should check the durability of the flare must. Because it’s not an easy work to replace the flare again and again. So, check it carefully!

Usually, a double flare tool is more durable than a single flare. The double flare brake system has long-running features and that’s why it’s best for all types of cars. Visit your local automobile stores to collect your best double flare tool.

But sometimes it’s difficult to do work with a double flare tool. So, if your car doesn’t need any specific high-pressure brake line requirement, the single flare is the best option for you.

Wrap up

Choosing a correct brake line flare is important for a smooth brake system of any cars. So, try to consider each and every factor before selecting a flare for your vehicles.

We hope this article will help you to choose your best brake line flare.