How Do You Know if Your Cookware is Healthy

How Do You Know if Your Cookware is Healthy?

Non-stick technology was invented around decades ago. Most of the people hate to use and scrub the pans made of steel. They prefer to use non-stick instead of steel. The non-stick had become the dream for everyone after invention.

But 20 years of research shows the negative side of it. There are hazardous demerits of it. Non-stick is easy to cook and clean. The scientists have found poisonous substances and toxic vapors in non-stick cookware which is very much dangerous for human health.

There were no safety regulations for the approval of cookware. So time to time the new inventions were approved and used without confirming. It is important to check the safety purpose of your cookware before using it.

Toxicity of Non-Stick Coating Cookware

The original company who invented the first ever non-stick product before 50years ago named DuPont. They claimed that their product does not transmit any type of toxic chemicals to the food in normal use.

Recently the company again claimed that the toxic chemical emits when it goes to 660 degrees Fahrenheit which is similar to 340 degrees of Celsius. This temperature is much higher than the cooking heat. Another testing has shown that the non-stick cookware can go to 736 degrees Fahrenheit in 3m and 20s only.

In this test, the heat goes up until it stopped. In Teflon, it goes to 721 degrees Fahrenheit in only 5minutes. DuPont shows another research. Here they showed that Teflon transmits the chemical in the temperature of 466 degrees Fahrenheit. At 680 degree Fahrenheit, it releases a minimum of 6 toxic chemicals in the food.

Aluminum Cookware

Aluminum is a daily life matter. You cannot deny to use it, but you can be safe from its side effects. Kidney stones and Alzheimer is the causes of aluminum consumption with food. The high amount of aluminum creates it. Scientists could not make clear of it that aluminum is the only reason for these diseases.

You all know about it. But you don’t follow it. By taking risks, you are using all types of deodorants, foods, cosmetics, antacids and baking powders. It is noted that some developing countries are using the aluminum cookware and it is contributing to the poisoning.

The safer cookware is not affordable to you so that you cannot change the usage of aluminum. The first time when you boil water into an aluminum pan, you will face that 60% of harmful aluminum transfer occurs in it.

Copper Cookware

Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry tells about the commonly found metal in our around substances like water air and environment. The organization claims that Teflon product is too good to get.

Around us, almost every household has their drinking water level with 1000ppb whereas the acceptable range for this level is 1300ppb.

But in the house, you use copper pipes. You can face like muscle aches, abnormal blood cell counts, nausea, Cushing’s syndrome, fever, diarrhea, headache, drowsiness, etc. type diseases. Best Copper cookwares has good quality control over heat.

Stainless Steel Cookware

If you see any cookware in a damaged condition or cut it with anything, you should not use this cookware. This is a safety purpose. You should use stainless steel cookware because it’s inert and very much safe to use.

On the other hand, this metal can also insert chemicals inside foods. Chromium and nickel are the types of it. You also have so many alternatives to use depending on your interest in cooking materials.

Stainless steel is not good to react with heat, and for this, it is the safest choice here. There are a lot of products where there is a coating of aluminum or copper over stainless to save from heat.

There is any type of damage that occurs to the surface of cookware; it is risky for the food. Like other products in stainless steel, it is also should change after getting any damage on the surface. It has a bad side as well.

It releases nickel at a higher rate when stainless steel goes to the higher heating touch. It also has a part of releasing the little amount of iron as well as chromium, and these things are harmful to health.

Cast Iron Cookware

This type of cookware has a high rated opinion, and it is approved cookware in history. You will not know about it unless you have suffered much on it. The high rate of iron consumption has been occurring with it. This item is easier to control and purchase.

Regular use of acidic foods in cast iron cookware can react with it and make a change of the color of cookware or create a metallic taste in the food. The cast iron has a high quality of reducing heat, and it can easily remove the demerits of normal iron problems like metallic tastes and discolor matter.

Ceramic Cookware

This is the high priced product which is worthy of the price. This product is more useful than cast iron even. It can reduce heat effects very easily. It can also reduce the metallic taste and discolor matter very clearly and safely.

This type has no chance of reaction or releasing facts. It is made of non-toxic products. It doesn’t leach in foods, and it is safe from toxic fumes as well. It is also easy to use and clean up.

Glass Cookware

Glass cookware is the best version here. It is a safe and non-reactant product. It has no disadvantages. It is made of high heat resistant glass quality for cooking and baking foods. But you have to be sure about a good glass company.

The producer advice not to use cool glass direct into high heat. It is also useful because you can take it inside the fridge for the rest of the foods. Any types of food are reaction-free in glass cookware. There are no side effects.


My personal opinion is to use glass cookware. Because it is the safest choice and without any disadvantages until now.

This cookware is safe for human beings and nature as well. You should try to use glass for all-time and stainless steel for emergency situations.

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