Alternative Fuels and Energy

CynFuels™ are direct import substitutes for fossil fuels and considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions without compromising performance. At a production price on average 30% less than regular diesel, CynDiesel™ delivers significant commercial and environmental savings.

From 1 tonne of end of life plastic, Cynar Technology creates approximately 1,000 litres of liquid CynFuel™:
• 700 litres Diesel (CynDiesel™)
• 100 litres of Kerosene (CynKero™)
• 200 litres of Lite Oil (CynLite™)

CynDiesel™ is high-cetane, low-sulphur and can be used neat or blended at a high ratio for use in all standard diesel engines. The greenhouse gas index of CynDiesel™ is also lower than traditional diesel, helping fuel suppliers to reduce emissions in their transport fuels. And, CynDiesel™ uses existing transport infrastructure and requires no additional refinement or end-use modification.

With Cynar’s modular technology, communities all over the world can turn the problem of waste plastic into a secure, sustainable and domestic supply of alternative transport fuels.