Cynar begins Fabrication of Second Waste Plastic to Liquid Fuels Plant in Spain

June 18, 2014

Plastic Energy SL has signed an order with Cynar Technology for the construction of their second waste plastics to synthetic fuels plant in Spain, to be delivered in Seville in April 2015. The conversion of waste plastics to useable fuels is a significant innovation proprietary to Cynar that provides Europe with an alternative and complementary technology to existing waste management technologies, such as solid refuse derived fuels.

Michael Murray, CEO and Founder of Cynar: “The issue of waste plastic is vast, which is why the EU has set an objective to achieve ‘Zero Plastics to Landfill by 2020′. Our Technology is an Advanced Conversion Technology that reduces the quantity of plastic waste sent to landfill on one side and produces domestic high quality synthetic transport fuels on the other side.”

Carlos Monreal, CEO and co-founder of Plastic Energy: “We’re delighted that our plant in Almeria will soon have a sister plant in Seville;  more are to follow as the technology proves itself to be the best environmentally and economically alternative for waste plastic recovery and disposal.”